Monday, October 11, 2010

No tee vee

I am currently watching this two Taiwan Series, yesssss closely.

愛∞無限 / Ai ∞ Wu Xian - Until the latest episode 12

鍾無艷 Zhong Wu Yen - Until the latest episode 12

I really like watching this kind of love love story :D

Not forgetting by watching em ill be able to keep track on my speaking and writing. God knows I might have Chinese speaking client in the near future :) (fyi: only primary standard)

ohh and I cant live without not being able to read Chinese, cause I like singing em. ;)

Btw, if you're staying in student accommodation like me the best website is this. *clicky click*
They have all the latest Taiwan series and all in You tube format. Just click and watch without going through the hassle of downloading software and etc, with the speed in the UK is pretty alright just damn alot of tabs haha

Have fun watching. x

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