Sunday, October 17, 2010

The sudden return

I really wanna just skip all these and jump straight to this current month, but I can't, I have so much things to shareeeeeeeee, yeah blame myself for being lazy.. like all the time :S

But at least I take the initiative to come to Vincent's and update my blog, like all the way to town wei. Anyway, back into the picture, I remembered I took MAS direct flight from Amsterdam to Malaysia for 14 hours non stop, yes it was my first direct flight.

Did I tell you I.DONT.LIKE.TO.BE.IN.THE.PLANE. I don't really watch the movies on board, don't play games either but FOURTEEN HOURS alone, maybe for you it doesn't matter but me yes is a big deal indeed. Thank god I have my flu medicine with me, I took it on purpose so that I could just sleep throughout the journey and yesh it succeed. But of course I managed to wake up and whack the nasi lemak. :D

and oh honestly it felt so good to be at KLIA seeing everyone with my skin colour, not like white. haha.

The 10 days are pretty well spent @ Hometown- Setiawan, A lil catch up with the besties, fridays and ALSO FOOOD. Malaysia's food is the besssssssst, no doubt

#1 The best lime sour plum juice and fish + fishballs porridge. ORGASM



# 4 Sushi Zanmai - Salmon

# 5 HO HO Steamboat @ Sri Petaling w Cindy & Kamen :)

#6 We went G6 @ Gardens for second round, but the crowd was really CMI, no offense but that night reaaaaaaally, uncless everywhere, music was so so too.

#7 Kamen and I w my long curls

#8 We are quite high w the free drinks cause is ladies night and also some free drinks from some random dudes at the bar.


An unexpected reunion @ second home - Phuture, basically the whole world is there on that particular night.

#9 So naiceeeeeeeeee seeing you that night baby :)


#11 US THREE (ME, Caijin, Xinny) in different part of the world now :(


Top: Me, Evie, ChingMun
Bottom: YowHwui, Gohyuan, Momo & Chiwynn

Top: Meimei Tan & Me
Bottom: Xinny & Momo

Top: Me & Marciano, Emily & Cindy
Bottom: Kamen, Moi, Cindy, Evangeline & Emily :)


#17 WTF with that chewing gum haha

#18 We can just talk nonsense for hourssss


#20 Down it babeh

#21 Evie, Moi & Marciano :D


#23 Part of the exclusives

Overall,l I had fun and also happy seeing everyone on that night but in the meantime is kinda weird because Im partying where baby is at the other part of the world alone waiting for me to go back. Which is kinda fucked up with all the emotions and feelings, thank god he understood my situation. I mean he gotto take it, cause Grandma turn out just fine after the operation, from really critical till back to normal, if not I wont be partying toooooo thou.

#24 Hello Moet and Chandon, Im fallen for youuuu


Some random outings

# 25 The best place to go whenever Im feeling down or got nothing to do. I am the girl who splurge a lot on the hair, BUT not here in the UK, seriously I have no faith in them at alll, not even a bit. IDK WHY

#26 London, Birmingham, Singapore.
Lunch @ Wong Kok pavilion, before sending Emily back to Singapore. btw, If you realize I just chop off my hair like 3 inches?



#29 Cindy & I, we are so near yet so far. She's in London and I am here in Birmingham, will come down more often for you girl. on Halloween perhaps? :D


More more and more seafood before heading back..

#30 My alll time favourite, I know most of you hate it but booyah is soooo yummey okeh :)


#22 LA LA

#23 A random poker night @ My house

#24 A quick catch up @ Omega- Bukit Jalil

#25 Birm, Brissy, Malaysia.
All the best on your studies babies, we gonna work hard in different part of the world. *kisses*

Till then, Next - Back to AMSTERDAMN.

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