Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Official Legal Journey continues here.. :D :D :D :D


Tuesday, November 9, 2010



say Happy Twenty.One to Natsaw :D :D

The long waited pictures, and the two month in advance birthday celebration at Home. It was ze bomb, to thosee who attended will definetly know how crazeh it was, with all the countless bottles of hard liquor, beers with absolutely nil water to be serve on the floor. Unless you went all the way to the kitchen for some water. *ROFL* BBQ buffet dinner was serve throughout the night, and the theme was Hawaiian night.

Wouldn't want my to be some casual dinner at home :) With the help of Aicher with all the props, the big backdrop for photo opp, lighting. The DJ of the night the second brotha. The crews- Saw's, and myself that did all the decorations and set the House rules for the night to make it a lil more interesting.

The fourth person turning in the family and now left the youngest sister Rachel to be legal. Turning is always a big thing in Chinese, we never failed to miss all Saw's big two one celebration at Home, it has become the tradition of the Saw's. :)

Anyway, I AM BLESSED with the loves from the family also known as My pillar of loves, cousins and awesome possum friends *huggies and kisses*

The night went well at the beginning but it started to drizzle and down pour, it kinda messed up the party that everyone have to squeeze to be under the canopy and sorta ruined my mood cause my chio big backdrop wasn't under the shade, and I missed taking pictures with so many people *sighs* but thank god it stopped after an hour. Thank god!!! After that, it was all about drinking!!! :D

# 1

#2 - They are tooo adorablee

#3 orangee enough? :)

#4 Thats JuHan on the left and pretty meimei on the right

# 5- My brothas

# 6 Me at the entrance, busy serving the welcome drinks to those with no proper attire and who came after 930pm!! I am eviiiiil I know, I know some of them with an empty stomach and ready to whack the food but I've already warned you guys earlierrr. With the wide range of liquors frm vodka, baileys, Chivas and beer on the roulette!! Poor them being forced to down in order for them to eat.

#7 I even add on another rules- can't leave before 12AM. *HAHA*

# 8 Late comersssss, down it babeh

#9 Ice, My super perfecto hairstylist with the floral dress. and my dearest god sister suilin with the spec :)

#10 Shir chong and her bf

#11 Asking for endless kisses from Veron *laughs*

#12 the love birds, Veron and Mike

#13 epic faces from Helen and Bell, late comersssss

#14 Loves from Daphne, Miki and Elysia :D

#15 Thank you so much for the roses honey.

#16 HAHAHA can't stop laughing

#17 Pretty girls in the house, true that true that true that :D

#18 Eldest sister with the gang- can't wait to see you all on January babeh!


#20 Daphne, Helen, Cindy, Miki, Moi, Emily & Kamen

#21 The Exclusive versus the Girls


#23 the F4, super love thier outfit all the way from thailand.

#24 LOVES frm the UK peoples- Ju Han, Alvin, Alvin's gf, moi, Vi lynn & Kok Hui

#25 THE FRIDAYS without Xinny, Edmund, Ryan & Choryin. Fyi : we're all around the world now, Im wondering when is our next proper gathering:(

#26 That's Ashley on the top and the Tan's sisters MEI MEI AND WIVI :)

#27 TWENTY ONE NOW, omg I felt so old T.T

#28 Missed you guys!

#29 meimei, rachel, yow hwui, jin, moi & wivi.

#30 ALICE and moi

Overall it was FUNNN, but just that I AM NOT K.O. at the end of the night :p
Also, not-so-cool to have a party at home was the mess that you gotto clean up!! Plus mom are too particular in the house cleanliness, every single item gotto be at the exact same place and etc etc. But with a lil help from everyone, it wasn't that bad laaa *winks*

AHHH, lastly, tons of kisses to everyone who came and made my Birthday party a success. and thankiewwwwwww for sparing your precious time with me *blush* *summore is like two months in advance* *blush again* . I love all the presents from you all, IPAD yes an IPAD, Fujiflim instant Mini, Make up products, angpaus, pressies all the way from Brisbane from xin and etc etc etcc. Love emmmmmm much!! :)

And so I AM NOW OFFICIALLY LEGAL!!! still couldn't believe it -.-
No more borrowing ID's to clubs or pubs already LOL :D

By the way sorry for neglecting my blog, had some issues about myself and studies. But I am now back on trackkkk, stay tuned for more exciting posts. and a new domain :)

Till then, mwahs! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The amount of books and journals on my table now.


will blog soon after this essay which due on Monday the 8th. Thank god is before my Birthday
Wish me luck guys. x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scorpio horoscope for Oct 30 2010 by DailyHoroscope (

You have set something in motion that you have since had second thoughts about. You may now wish that you had chosen another path or left yourself out of a decision entirely. You may even be imagining what your day or even your life would be like if you hadn't made such a choice. But you can't really imagine what that would be like because you are already immersed in the emotional aspect of the change that is coming, Scorpio. Since you really cannot undo what is done, and since you really shouldn't undo it anyway, embrace what's coming.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am deeply shocked, this is too sudden.
I couldn't go back home to see you this time, I can only wish you from far grandma.

But I know You're now in a better place.
God give you the eternal rest & may your soul rest in peace.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always.

Love, Hooiyin

Monday, October 25, 2010

Arrgh, I'm missing alll the pampering session back home :( :( :( I would if I could to have my pampering sessssions here but is just way too expensive T.T and I don't trust those ang moss

Hang on natalieeeee ♥
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Sunday, October 24, 2010


The weather is turning colder, and I AM so desperate for a very comfy boots which I can have em to walk me to uni in the cold, slippery roads and etc. So, I have always heard about this brand called UGG from Australia, they have the most comfortable boots ever.

Then I went in to SCHUH last two weeks, to look for the brand and yes I bought it just because I want it.

Yes, I chose black. No problemo with any colour of my leggings.

and you know isssssss.........146 pounds!!!

I haven't start wearing them yet AND now Ive decided to return them back and get my cash back. Ive been thinking... do I actually need this pricey boots for only a few months. IF only using my own money, my mom will deffoo killlll me if she know I splurged on this. *hmm*
I rather use this amount of money and spend on my cloths instead, my charles & keith flat shoe is treating me well too. *comforting myself*

SOOOOOO, IM RETURNING THEM IN ABIT :( :( I just converted it and I realized is RM seven coughs hundred and thirty for a pair of boots. :O

THANK GOD FOR THE SCHUH's return policy, I can return them within 365 days but the items has to be in good condition *durh*.


Friday, October 22, 2010


Back to winter again, where I am gonna wrap myself up like a Hamburgerrrrrrrrrr.

It takes longer to think what to wear now, but now I realized who cares about what you wearing inside, the Jacket/sweater is the one you gotto keep changing. Spotted a few jacketssss, so tempted to buy it wei, perhaaaaaaaaaps after I have my first pay chequeeeeeee :D

I MUST SLEEP WELL, goodnight ya'll x

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The hottest blogger in the house, True that! :) Hehe I saw it on facebook baby! *winks*

Welll yet another random post typed on the bed. I tried sleeping for the pass 45 mins but I just couldn't sleep! My mind is everywhere, literally is full and gonna explode! Sighssss

Fought with the boyfriend ☑ stressing on all the assignments ☑ what elseeeeee, missing home ☑ *screamss* how I wish I could have a bear hug now w any of my girls :(

Signing off now still gotto try to fall asleep, at least both eyes are close. I have to head off to Uni tmr morning to finish up the proposal.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A big shout out

:( ->>>>>>>> :D

super love receiving the cheesy phone calls, the kan chiong-ness from the both of you when ya know I am down with fluuu, but don't fret I am fine! Will take care of myself, miss the both of you so much, the nagging especially,errr maybe not. haha

Big hug and kissssssssssssess to the both of youuu!!