Monday, October 11, 2010

The month of June - Cont 2

So we flew off to Amsterdam w Aer Lingus - you can find cheap flights here to Europe

I am lucky enough to have Baby's Cousins staying in Amsterdam, which mean Accomodation, Meals all provided :D :D :D Honestly, wherever you travel the Accomodation fees is the one who suck up all your money. We basically save up quite alot €€€€ (euros) and splurged on shopping instead :)

#1 SAFARI(Exotic fruit flavored Liqueur) Jois, baby's cousin recommended this to us and YAY this is a must try liqueur.

#2 Is the BOMB!! You can mix with orange/mango/passion fruit juice to go with. *super like*

# 3 AFTER SO LONG staying alone in Birmingham, I managed to have home cook food and lemme tell you Baby's uncle & aunty is the perfect Chefs, they both can cook really wellll.

#4 Noms Noms Noms, I have one drumstick myself :)

#5 Me and Baby's Bed

When I am all excited about Amsterdam and ready to discover the place. I received a phone call in the afternoon from jie, telling me grandma is in a very critical stage where mom wants me to fly home asap. (If you could remember my previous blogposts I mentioned about it before) So I bought the earliest flight home which is on the very next day.

Wahh, I remembered The mixture of feelings I had for my family and baby since he flew all the way here. :S But thank god grandma was alright and yes I flew back 10 days later

#6 With all the sad faces and mixture feelings we went Red Light District wtf


#8 FEBO, my favourite after some beer/wine

#9 Baby & I @Bulldog Cafe :)

#10 A kiss before I leave :)

SO next post Back in Malaysia (Unexpected Reunion) x

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