Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I smell easter break

dohhhhhh :)

I have no idea why am i posting with the Marlboro cig's box, but im just lovin the pic taken by Ju Han's Mac book! I can tell you i can freaking face that Mac book camwhoring for hours man. wtf. haha is damn addictive!!!

Btw, i have just handed in my first assignment for the live events module. *finger crossed*
and now working on the research portfolios which is due on Friday and risk assessment presentation tmr and I am freakiiiiiing done for the first part of the semester!!!

Then off to find Ee May on the Sunday at Newcastle yoooo! will be spending my whole week there and woman please do fully utilize that one whole week for me, do the planning and timetable. *excited*

I think that's about it now, life is getting better and better :)
eventually the ang mos invited me for gossip sessions already. wtf

Till then, keep you guys posted!

London trip pics coming next. x