Friday, April 2, 2010

Living my life to the fullest

currently at Newcastle, Ee May's crib :)

You might be wondering, am studying or what ei? haha I am pursuing my studies of cause but in the mean time living my life to the fullest. *laughs*

where imma gonna visit as many places as possible!! :)

well like I've just mentioned on my previous post, its Easter Break now, three weeks to be exact. I gave myself a week off till I have to start revising and continue my assignments, not cool. T.T but half more semester to go only till BEP concert in Birmingham and also visiting Dublin and Amsterdam with love and Jois. *evil laughs* and oh oh oh WHITE SENSATION BABY! *HAHAHHAHAHAHA*

the month of June will be a good good good month while waiting for my result to release on the 12th of July then Helllo Malaysia for a month *finger crossed*

Anyhow, here's a short recap at London with Vivien Wong.
Hanging out with her is the best thing on earth, she got privilege kao kao, so naice to be part of the airlines crews :)

first pit stop- DUCK RICE! *yum*

missing you already :'(

the creamiest ice cream ever!

we went Madame Tussauds, London eye and etc etc. Pictures its all in my fb account, imma so lazy to repeat again, so yarrrrr :)


Newcastle :O
its freezing my ass offfffff T.T but loving this place
staying at Ee May's crib and with all of her coolest housemates is just so comfy

I am afraid I will miss this place too much when I am back to my tiny lil room! *screams* :'(

Thats Ee May :)

Meet my new friend Chien Loong aka the dragon -__-

Angel of the north

I swear to god its damn farking huge and is pretty scary *gulp*

Have fun in London dudeeee :)

Millennium bridge *droools*

MAYYYYY hun, for now I would like to thank you for everything!!
Your precious time especially *winks*

is the 2nd tomorrow, you know what i mean :)))

Till next time, night!

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