Friday, March 12, 2010

A month and four days

Hello folks back in Malaysia, are you alright? :) "that's how they greet here"

Time flies, and yeap is a month - ish away from home.
So far everything was alright thou, and haha Ive got my BB Bold 9700 after so loOong. Stay connected with the friends(everywhere) and family all the way back home is just damn ass awesome. BBM is just so so so damn convenient, imma lovin it so much! All i need to do is just to have unlimited internet connection, how cool is that woi. *winks*

Especially all the Saw's owned a BB now. *evil laughs*

me me me me, house partay at Alvin's!

Kathryn, moi, margarett & veron :)

Kitchen at Alvin's :) hahahhahaha i cook almost everyday man! :)
Im actually very lucky to have em, bringing me around the city, telling me which club to go, where to get cheap stuffs, how to take the train etc etc etc *aww*

outdated pictures;

Farewel party at my crib

missing the foooood tooo muchh :(

that's my nicholas :)

My baby jin, I miss you so much!

My brother from another mother

Part of the exlusive gang

The fridaysssss (guys)

Jeslyn and mei meii

The fridayssss (girls)

my mama, look like me anotttt

My beloved high school mates from Sri Sentosa

Jin, Xin, Me, Cindy

Beckhammmm, its been ages since i last saw you :'(

thats my edmund, cheers all the way to Melbourne dudeee!

off to do my laundry, time is ticking!
I haven't start packing for my London trip tmr , wooohoooo *I am really excited*

Till next time

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