Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Touched down Birmingham!

Hello everybody!
finally after the super long hours of flight, jet lag, settle my accomodation etc etc.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, a big siiiigggh, ive got everything settled! :D except the bank account and mobile number.

#1 thats my uni :)

The first meal i had and is £3.45

the only Louis Vuitton at Birmingham City *if im not mistaken*

the cafeteria at the 5th floor

i was blogging half way just now, till jeffrey called me out for dinner.
was all hyper and had delicious malaysian food at Chinatown, plus ive got a prepaid number too. was all happy UNTIL now i found out that i lost my Malaysia's sim card. where the hell i drop itttttttttttt seriously, why am i so clumsy. FML

first it was the mistaken flight timing till i missd my flight, now i lost my sim card and is just Day two only. what the farrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkk. damn emo

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