Monday, February 8, 2010


Finalllly, i am now at Dubai waiting for the next flight.
Haha, i know some of you sure laugh like shyt, how is that possible for me to mistaken the midnight timing and plus i am traveling alone. scary balls. I freak out when my mum jumping around saying it was this morning T.T

But thank god, i am able to got em replaced and reschedule, just that there's no airport pick up and miss the first day of orientation! now seriously all alonee. i am gonna take it as a challenge! haha *comforting myself*

and btw I cried like baby at the airport argghh, predicted! lol.
lastly, thanks everyone who sent me off just now, and sorry for the trouble caused. last minute changes and etc etc, love you guys :)

off skype-ing with Steph.. till then.


Cai Jin said...

remember to text me your number!!!!!!!!!! love you, take care!

Hubby said...