Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lets go backwards

time passes so fast!! is almost a week here in Birmingham!
had so many quality random catch up with everyone before i leave Malaysia!

#1 Karaoke session with the Sentosa School mates :) its been ages since we catch up at about 3 years? T.T

Thats Kui Oi :)

Kah sin :))

Geet Yeng haha, i still remembered we use to shout and %#%& together gether!

Sook Yee and Kah Sin :))

Kampai whole night long :)

Thats Le Teng on the left

Quality time we spend together after so long, all the best in your careers aight :)

#2 Define Party
hahahahh this is so damn outdated mann! lol

xinny, rachel sis, jeslyn and moi. missing you guys :(

My babiesss! i hope you both are welll, we are so far apartttt! omg

ze couples :)

Momo you're just so "Fong Kong", thats my boy at the backk! haha

From left to right:- Ryan, Kenneth, Xinny, Moi & Jeslyn

Having fun at Aussie baby? :) I miss you muchh!

sudah sangat highhhh

This post is sangat outdated! will try to update more often about my life here in Birmingham! xx

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