Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year '2010 :)

helllllooooo, Gong Hei Fatt Choiiiiii everybodyyy!!

here a lil surprise for my babyxon :)
We have never tried long distance relationship before, like so farrrr awayyyy, is ain't cool :(

Everything seems alright now at the moment, we never failed to talk to each other everyday with the 8 hour time difference. Plus it is not easy T.T, call is freaking ass expensive the only solution is just webcam/msn and yarrr bbm soooon until ive got the phone perhaps next week i hope.

Thank god with a week of CNY holiday definitely serve us both well. A longer conversation with no worries about waking up early the next morning :))) like nowww is 5am in the morning!!! after the holiday i don't knowwww, is goin to be a weekly talk i guess :(

Anyway, let the pictures to do the talking yarrrrr

('cont) babyyyyyy, i hope you're enjoying and missing me every seconds

('cont) with all my hearttttttttt, missing you tooooo

727 is isn't an aeroplaneeee ya'll *winks harder*

and this is how we communicateeeee

with silly faces tooo. hahaha

one more thing,


Are you feeling happppy? *big fat smile on my face*

all you need to do is justtttt,

(*cont/repeat) but I prefer it slooooooow :P

Once again, Happy Valentines day baby, hopefully you're treating the presie good is allllll my hard earn money ya knowww :/

*youre so happpy and imma lovin the speechless face* :p

with love babynat :D

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simonso said...

awww so romentic..!