Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Beloved Darling

I can't believe your leaving so soon baby, the time we had its just not enough. The time we lost in the past still haven't been replaced. If life is being measured by every breath we take. Then mine will be measured with the time spent with you darling. I honestly don't want you to leave not yet. I haven't done anything wonderful or yet amazing for you. =( It may sound cheesy what i typed. But at this very moment what I interpret in this very paragraph is nothing but the truth. From being a total stranger, till friend, then lover, becoming enemies and now return back to lover. Its really one of a kind don't you think baby?

I'll always love you when your gone. I'll persevere and don't worry bout me. What you want from me i'll definitely give it to you as a gift that you always craving for. So, at the mean time lets spend this last 3 days as if we'll never meet again baby. May your time in U.K be one of a kind. God speed, and good luck. I'll try to talk to you every single day bout every single lil' details that is happening in K.L, Malaysia. Make sure you do the same too! Vice versa! *Million Hugs & Kisses*

ps: I never ever stopped loving you before baby, people says hatred is created by overdose of unhappy things while being in love, thus, eventhou I once hated you, and you once hated me.. its not because we stopped loving each other. We're just being consumed by hatred. I love you baby..


rachel said...

awwwww. :)

Cai Jin said...


Buunnyy said...

our one and only ruu man tik home boy nixon.... awwwwwww he's such a sweetheart darling.... =')

nIx said...

I'm flattered!