Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a blink of an eye

No doubt, time passes so fast when you're having fun!!
and i would love to click on the pause button so that ill be able to spend more time with love, but the truth is time wont wait, it keeps on ticking away! you just gotta wait till i am back again, we won't know what will happen to us in the future but for now i love you with all my heart.

Anyhow, say Hi to the month of February, please treat me right February.
I am going to be all alone, so far apart with parents & siblings for the very first time, doing my own laundry, new friends etc etc, and Im so excited!! :) hehe

so sorry that Ive been neglecting my blog for so long, been really busy. applying to UK is ain't easy, preparation is ain't easy either. ahh you will know when you got the chance to leave to Malaysia. ze parents is so kan chiong, and me too.

the things that i wanted to bring is so Many. and my first concern was my hair haha
the bro's gf bought me a new hair dryer and a curler. imma lovin it so much. *wheeee*

enuff, is pictures time :)

#1 It was New Year's Eve and also Baby Jin turning big two zeroo!
i am pretty sure that i will be missing you two alot, eeks.

#2 the partay people

#5 Another partay group

# 6 Is Cindy on the left and Stephanie on the right :)
Stephanie please take care of yourself in Buffalo yeah, all the best!
Hopefully, ill be meeting you up at London or something aight!

# 7 crazy, i am drunk that night!

So much things had happen in the month of January.
Not forgetting, the eldest sister's Register of Marriage(ROM)
Sweetest thing I've been through my whole life is to see the closest one a step closer to emmm, have babies! hahaha Jie if you're seeing this, roger that? faster start planning already. :P

#1 The Saw's family + Maid(15 years and still counting)

#2 Rachel, Steph Jie, Moi and Pei Wen

#3 her boobs is hugeeeeee. LOL *inside joke*

#4 Aicher and I

# 7 *whee* kisses!
Stephanie ure now married to Esmund tooh :)
Can't wait for the official wedding ceremony and all, kan chiong-ness

# 8 all of us :)

After that we head off to Italianese for lunch

# Take one

# Take Two- My dad is a poseur , grandma doesn't seem to like it thou. HAHAHHA

My beloved mum and dad

Top left- right : Esmund, Steph Sis, Moi
Bottom left- right : Kenneth, Rachel Sis, Marsha, Lawrence

The Saw's Charlie Angels

Fully Utilizing the photographer haha

As per requested a proper proposal, so sweet kan :)

I am so gonna miss all of youu :(

The extended family :)

Next post, random catch up with everyone before i leave
Lastly, tmr night is my farewell partay at home, is massive i mean the amount of alcohol. LOL

Can't wait to see all of you tmr, sleep tight ya'll. xx

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