Friday, March 6, 2009

Cindy's Open House

this was last week
sudah out da ted, so lets see the pictures aight

delicious :D but i know is damn dirty. haha
so once a month is still okay :)

from top(Left-Right) : Cindy, dee dee, moi, emily, kamen

WARNING, too Maaany pictures on the bed





its so funny la. stupid beckham a friend of mine who kena con by ME to come up
to be our photographer. I know we're not easy to layan.
In the end, he's so frustrated and snap non stop, even we say
STOP , he also don't want to listen -__-


Cindy, Nat, Kamen, Emily Y
i dont know whether is coincidence or wat, you scroll up and see the pictures again.
the position is always the same lol

anyway, not bad hor the photographer can snap pretty pictures by just
clicking the snap button

and now all guy frens in the bunch will runaway from us :O

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