Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who's the new spokesperson for Maybelline?

The event held in Zouk the other day, that ive mentioned before *if you read my blog*
i couldn't take part due to some unforeseen circumstances.
which is ive to stay in the office because im the only intern *at that moment* that owned
a car SO that they can use me like their personal driver to send documents to clients

-___- learn something? never drive to work when you're doing your internship.
you might miss a chance to see your favourite artist or you might lose an opportunity to
get to know some of the big bosses T_T

*nuff of crap, i should stop.


The talented actress cum singer was chosen for her youthfulness, confidence and
trendsetting looks in line with the qualities found in the quintessential Maybelline girl.

Its Liyana Jasmay, 21 years old.


*coincidence or what?

Damn fucking lucky this woman! wooopeedooooo

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