Thursday, March 5, 2009

Granny's bday part 2


This picture post is all about the extended Choo's Family aka my mother's side:)
Fyi: WE all the siblings, cousins, aunties, uncles are damn close to each other
Once in a few weeks or months, we will have gathering/potluck session/bday parties....
is countless.. (:

Having all of us together is the greatest blessing

Proudly present the Choo's Family

:D :D

and then we went to cowboy town right after the dinner

The 4D show really sucked :S

went over to the ah beng club to cut cake

imagine the granny cut her cake in the ah beng club haha!
and also the other three bday girl and boy :)

then went back to the awesome bangalow house for more camwhoring session

then the next day early in the morning, we went for war game
yeng leh :D

damn kan chiong la war game :/

Uh huh , bring it on man :D
come back for more :)

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