Saturday, September 22, 2007

I puked

er the chauffer service was good.
good service and good experience.

will talk about it..

yesterday morning, as usual. college!
then hang out with my girls.
then hit the gym.
then went home.
Dad dont let me go to frangipani.
(why frangipani? is the prize from samsung. remember?)

then i cried. fucking emo, cause ive already made a reservation.
plus ajak my frens and all. i feel so bad that time.
AND the worst thing is they already prepared the food.
cant make it another day.

but sis sent me a msg.
GET READY, ill kao tim dad.
im like. awhhh..
get myself ready. and party was on.

oh my. thanks to my sis AGAIN.

so last night was spent at frangipani.
two bottles of vodka,
4 bottles of wine and also finger food for 12 person is provided.
but only 7 of us last night!
I PUKED. freaking wine make me puked.

and thanks to Uncle Teh with penang spirit.
urgh whatever la you. meh!

vodka and wine = DIE.COM.

so we finished one bottle of vodka and 3 bottles of wine.
i guess. cause me k.o but moi still know what she's doing la.
not like need ppl to carry. ;p
puked on my bf shirt summore.
yer. sorry! blame the wine....

pictures, next post.
moi dang lazy.
stay tuned!

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