Sunday, September 23, 2007


didt go to kris party yesterday.
was dang emo, thanks to my DAD again.
fucked up la, so sorry hun. ive already tried my very best.
diu. ;(

btw, cousin's house having a *tang lung party at kota kemuning.
which i have to go. haih.
tried to enjoyed myself there with my cousies.
lucikly there's still some accompany.

ahhhh, i missed kiddo sweet sixteen birthday party!
How sad is that. mahai.


oh ya pictures;
chauffer service
(makeup at lot 10- times square- mid valley- home)
with baby, and jing hua. ;D

My ride!
i should take it in the afternoon. =.=
and it was huge inside.
The driver was So Nice as well.


wah my eyes dang small.

urm, i hate foundation.
so not natural.

my make up artist.

after doing my free make up. we go shopping.

then off to times square.
then mid valley.
i bought a dress.
then dinner was at Chillis

dang tired.
then coffee bean.



tats all of today. hehhe.
frangipani next post aight, i promise.
photobucket dang slow la.

as for today,
i need to finish up my IT work.
and later going jogoya with family.

LASTLY, i need to go and HIT the gym today.
must must must must must....

till next time.

love NAtalie. ;D

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