Wednesday, September 19, 2007


oh hey,
good morning everyone.

i woke up at 6 today to finish up my work.
urgh! so fucking tired la wey.
its like i even hit the gym when there's loads of assignment.
then came home after gym for sure k.o.
no mood to do work also, ahh!

no last minute work Natalie.

but anyhow ive submited the design to the lecturer.
opps, forget to tell.
the event is
Sound of miracles.
theres pre event and the main event which is the concert.
and we seperated into two groups.
oh well, im in the pre event group.
the concert one suck okay. nah, kidding. ;)


im sleepy now wey.shit.
later IT then graphic design.

oh yeah, ive got a photoshoot today at runway.
but they called me yesterday night said that the lighting for the photoshoot thingy its not working.
they gonna fix it tmr. which is my photoshoot day. i mean today!

so im like. huh!?
cause ive already told the chauffer service driver to come and pick me up.
'so they said you can still come, ill give you free make up and hairdo'
its like to apologise!
me cant do much also. go for the make up and go shopping at lot 10?

abit the too much right. LOL
so where to go tonight? haha!

camwhore yeah. no?

alright im lateeeee. its time to bath.
till next time. ;D

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