Monday, July 26, 2010

SPLURGE it baby

So its the official summer break now (which totally vice versa thou, been raining and its getting colder), after knowing my official results which I am so satisfied with it! *winks* ALSO, so happy seeing so many of my friends graduated :) tsk tsk mine is Next Year! *giggles*

Sorry for not blogging for so long, been busy moving out, finding a place to stay, fully utilizing my one month summer break here, before heading back to Malaysia for the rest of my holidays *can't wait* and shooooooooooooooooopinggg!! I never been so crazy about shopping before, but is seriously MAD ASS CHEAP over here, the designers bags, cosmetics T.T not forgetting, getting stuffs for the siblings back home, more towards the sisters cause we share some of our stuffs, so we could actually buy more. Which BB Messenger comes it handy, just snap and share, then discuss to buy or not to buy. *laughs*

So if you're following my twitter or facebook basically you'll know I just got back from London with EeMay and her family. I am so happy that is just an hour half away from Birm, I seriously hate travelling nowadays and also thank god that I am not studying in London too, TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS, no joke!!

and oh before that was at Nottingham's which also an hour ish from Birmingham. 5 days well spent with Kate Lian, watched so many movies and she got me addicited to gossip girls, yeah I just started watching em, late much? haha now im dying for season 2 and 3, I.... might just get the original ones at HMV later in the morning, desperate lah.

Anyway, I really had a blast in London, although is kinda rush and the underground tube was madness. Did I mention that I actually had a nightmare travelling with the london underground tube? I still remember, it was my first time visiting London with Vivien, I was actually hamburger-ed by the door, and it hurts so much!! :'(

okay I am rambling!

Mayyyyyy (:

EeMay's Family. Thanks for everything and Hi aunty if you're reading this *he he he*

We had so much fun sneaking and also walking behind you know what I meant. Hope to see you soon honey, all the best and good luck in your visa application, finding a new place to stay and Everything that's bothering you! *wet kisses*

Till then, off to bed! Night folks, x.

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