Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't Temp me

Tick Tock, the month of August is now approaching in 2 days, meaning I still have approximately 60 days of holidays till I get back my ass here in Birmingham for my final year! omg I seriously don't wanna think about it, DISSERTATION > 10k words > stress! :(

Anyway, on Tuesday I went to Bicester Village with Vincent and his parents , to sapu before I headed back to Msia. Bicester Village is located an hour ish train ride away from Birmingham, is pretty conveniet thou and is my second visit onlyyyyyy, i bet there's more to come!! *laughs*

*clickyclick* for more infos, you will definitely love this place, trust me!!! Its shoooo ridiculous cheap on some items, let just say I bought a DKNY purse for only 23pounds? 23x5 like 100+RM? :O

Then we had steamboat for dinner and pad thai after that.

Pad Thai = Karoake. We come here quite often for birthday celebration or drinking sessions, and also food. On that night itself we had 4 bottles of blck label + finger foods for 18pax = 420 ouch pounds *do not convert* However, minimum spend of a night out is approximately 25 pounds. which I can do so much with that 25 pounds, thats why sometimes I rather just stay in and watch movies!

But that night im lucky to have vincent to pay the bills for me, yay! he he he next round my turn yeah. x

Vincent and I ; The power of Iphone 4 with the built in flash!

Ju hannnnnnnnnnnnn


AND BICESTER VILLAGE!!! I LOVE YOUU, ill be back for you againnnnnnn

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