Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sick of it

So I've been having long straight hair sinceeeeeee... high school.
and honestly i'm sick of it! i can't tie a bun, i can't backcomb my hair, i can't do curls, i cant do anything special by myself. exclude heading to the saloon lahh!

first time in my life, i am having permanent curls and obviously with curls I can definitely style my hair easier by my own.
As in to tie up, etc etc :) :) :)

BUT letting my hair down and maintain those em curls is... heelllll :( :(
I can't just spend my time doing my hair leehhh. omg omg omg.

11days left, tick tock tick tock tick tock.


TJ said...


ABL said...

heyy i made my first 25sen from my blogg!!!! yayyyy can buy what??

Anonymous said...
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Natalie saw hy said...

Aaron- hahahha! buy sweets?? lol. soon enough is going to be 25k

Anonymous said...

hey, wanted to ask , what curls are they called?