Thursday, January 7, 2010


time passes so fast, and its reallly very scaryy!
sorry for MIA-ing for so long, ya know the blogging mojo wasn't there when i caught up with work. devoted myself too muchhh! hehe

now imma no longer working, no more hardcore late nights for me, meaning more quality time to spend with my loves :) and more more more catch up, before i leave!!

Not forgetting, here i am wishing all of you Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, hehhehhe! is never too late to wish yeah *winks*

So hows everyone xmas eve and new year eve ey?

I had a blast in both days. I remember Xmas eve, it was my last day of work!
My dearest colleagues put in their effort to set a surprise farewell party for me even thou all of em was damn f busy especially the boss, I'm so touched srsly. To be in the company for less than two months, being part of the family its my pleasure! Appreciated the effort and cake and the precious time on xmas eve guys. (:

Pic 1- Melissa teh aka my baby girl, i am once an intern like you and its neva easy to be in the real working world but trust me, you can do it :)

My two bosses, Hao Jin & Ethan!
We called ourselves the three knights, haha the ups and down, the late nights, aww i miss em so much. lol


it was crazyyy! the boss sneak and bring a bottle of Barcardi Apple into the room, and he calling me to down/drink like waterrrr>?!? :S

part of the family yo, the designers couldn't make it but thanks for the wishes!

and there goes my night, feeling all tipssy when i reach ed's and off to changkat, lying on love's shoulder with my eyes close.

It's that CRAZY! hehehe

New year eve post coming up next, till then Y

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