Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday to the blog owner yo! :)

I had a blast with everyone :))

post- refering to Him.

is the best cake ever from Shir Chong :) and I have one tiny little wish, which is I would love to erase/delete/re wish all the wishes that Ive made. Ive just done the biggest mistake ever to made that wish. I am not greedy -__-
By the way is not too late righht, today its the official date that i turned big two zero.

Surprisingly on my 20th birthday is the biggest wake up call ever in my life, so nice of being a friend. all the things that Ive done for you as a friend, as a boyfriend before and after, how much effort/love/care I've spent on you, how silly I am towards you or how desperate am i to get you back, how truthful are you. The excuses that you gave me makes me think and wonder, makes me go round and round and round again. and till the end, is all liess that is so reall and trueee that you will eventually fall for it, was smiling all the way thou and there you go saying you don't meant it. I felt so numb, A sorry that it makes no different at all.

I couldn't take it any longer, my system was all shut down for the past few days. I've never felt like this before in my life. Before this I clearly know all the circumstances and Ive decided to move on with my life happily and you came back in to the picture then you blame it all on me and even now you still concerned about the others not me.

You don't know how is it feels like to be me, i swear to god. Its like thousand of needles pokes through your heart or maybe worst. Is definetly worst than that. Is that all i meant to you? Defined the worth of the friendship?

let me tell you, you don't know how precious is it to have that long period of relationship is Priceless! maybe I aint good enough for you at all before and after that you can be thaatt Cruel. but that really does not matter anymore, i believe what comes around goes around. you're worst than a Jerk covering your ass up and the excuses that you gave to me and yourself was _____. fill in the blank. think deeeeply why is all this happening.

I had enough, perhaps you might be thinking im putting all the blame on you, you're wrong! what you've done to the both of us, you yourself know! even is nothing intimate but the friendship and trust between friends.

i cherished the relationship, i respected your decision but you have to messed up everything and now I expect nothing from you.

*ill spend my time perfectly here in Msia for this coming two months, and i wish ill be fine outhere alone in London*

my bestie : cindy and emily

Last but not least Winnie
thank god everything was fine after having heart to heart session with them, THEN when i was on the way down the stairs, heading to the living room, Fridays gave me a surprise. It was the first time I have my tears of joyyy rolling down my cheeks.

My babies- xin and jin

and you both toooo! heart you guys to the maxx, ill keeep you guys posted, faster ACE's all your paperssss and come back to me! :)

Lastly, i won't, no i CAN'T let you guys see my sad face and crybaby face anymore!
I wont let you guys down anymore, you guys been through the toughest day in my life with me, i was so lost and back in track just because of you guys accompanying me all the way.

hyped upppp! and cant wait the clock to strike 7 so that i can go home.
its been so long since i last sleep :(

this is cheeesy and full of Rubbish! haha


Stephanie C said...

you lose one person but u still have so many more to fill up that space.. why cry. =p SMILE like there's no tomorrow!!

Unknown said...

you'll be fine babe, am sure! you deserve so much more! love u muacks!!!

simonso said...

happy belated bday wo!

Natalie saw hy said...

steph- AIGHTTT!!

Phoebie- NOTEDD! ill see you soon hunnyy!

Simonso- Thanks dear

t`z said...

happy belated bday =]