Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a very soft heart

Greetings everyone Y
Hows your weekends going?? :)

The first week of work is pretty tiring, i never go home at 7pm sharp before, the earliest is at 9pm! Thats how intereeeeesstttinngg is my jobbbb! but it was good thou, when you caught up with work, you have not much time to think! Is just when you lie down on the bed that freaking ass moment! :S

The moment where you tend to thinkk! till noooow besides feeding myself with sufficient liquor and get myself drunk or effing ass tired, theres no alternatives for me! how sad is that, damn! zzz

So my friday night was at Rootz with xinnyy and her bunch of friends not forgetting ryan proxy
A night that hahahaha, I fallen asleep at the toilet for two freaking hours. :/ *don't ask me why*
Overall it was quite fun, would love to go there again for their RNB yo.

ahh, Why is my eyes so small now :(
The daily routine at nightttttt is making me not prettty alreeadddyy :(

okay this is better?
Anyway, someone is so freee till the end of the montthh yooo! call me yum chaaaa puh leasee

As for yesterday night, I was at Mist Club for the Ms Hypertune Finale, helping out at the backstage is kinda interesting, guys dont jealous hehhehe -__-
Then off to Phuture, ohhh second time driving my own car down to club.
Driving down is aint fun woiiiiii, is always good to have accompanny, yerrr.

Thats Miki :)

sing, weng, moi and ah deee.

tiuuuuu fuck those small eyesssssss, bye

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Stephanie C said...

more like half of keng sing lol..
ur eyes are not small la