Saturday, October 24, 2009

Highlight of the year

Hi there Y
i know ive been neglecting my blog, stupid internet connection always cant connect while im so damn freaking free at home yesterday! lol now im having a minor headache, dont fret still gonna finish my post lah. i think its because of the rainnn, i went swimming just now :/
and im forcing myself to blog and continue watching my korean love drama and chit chatting. hehe time is precious ya knowwww *winks*
so yeap Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award, im so lucky to be the one whos representing my course in the School of Hospitality, Toursim and Leisure Management. Im reallly surprised thou, and im glad tooo *huge smile*

going up the stage again seeing pa and ma smilling, and clapping thier hands, its just so damn farking good annnndd Onnnnnnn okkkkkk. hahahha :D

that moment is like *YESSSSH lahhh, my dream came true*

love you both

anddd paaaaaa, your camera skills damn good lor srsly -__-

Anyway, my picture came out from the big screen and a short description from the school too a dedicated individual who aims to be a sucessful and creative event manager. woooo (:

ahhhh, you might be thinking im showing off which im not. not at all

I would love to share it to everyone,reallllly you wont be surprise you're next :)
make your parents proud guys, its the best pressie for them. xx

up next, girls night out with shir and cindy :)

p/s: Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your ex partner with his/her mistakes of the past or start comparing with now and back then. That will ruin your present happiness.
i wish you welllll :)

good night world

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! Ur parents mz b very proud of u for hving such a good daughter