Sunday, October 18, 2009

The guai lan face, hahahha!

currently outside, surfing the net.
can die seriously if theres no internet connection at home! :S Anyway, gym session was great just now, momo the personal trainer for today, torture me to the max man, sucker! but i felt so good right now, the body aching feeling. (:

Boo, its monday tmr again! :( but but next week willl pass extremely fast i suppose, im taking two days off on friday and saturday. Applications and all is driving me crazzzy!

oh ya guess what this coming sat ill be receiving 2 k from Sunway University College due to the outstanding performance in college *winks*
*huge smile on my face*

you must be thinking are you kidding me?

Im seriousss!!!! *winks harder* :)

i miss you lahh woman!

My gym partnersssss!

calll meeeeeeee
HAHHAHA, alrighttttttttt its time to sleeep, gonna work tmr!

2 more weeks im done, and i want to go Bangkok!

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