Sunday, March 15, 2009

St Patrick's 09

On the Thursday night,

after work, went over to Campur Chart's 'EARTH HOUR' special at laundry with
the brother and sister


Friday - St Patrick's 09 at one utama
i never know Guinness is so goooooooooood


was there with the siblingss

and my bitch ryan was there too :D

and some of my sister's friends
Actually is my first time wearing greeen O.0

btw lei yoon hun, you've done a goood job! :D and im glad seeing you after so loong!
As for yesterday, some catch up with the guys in the afternoon and i rot at home after that
but wait the match was sooo kan chiong :S
I bet the results is so disappointing. haha im not a football fans so yeah

As for today, I am waiting for Shirley's bday celebration at night
Cant wait to see your expression *evil laugh*

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