Tuesday, March 17, 2009

oh my

yesterday, i spent my whole day at kl Hilton doing Kérastase L'oreal seminar's in the afternoon and gala dinner at night.its 18 hours long of standing, running here and there.At night, I ruined something, which is i ushered the general manager to the emcee rostrum instead of the main rostrum which is on the stage. it is so damn embarrasing. i got screwed damn *kao through the walkie talkie which i personally prefer i have the lecture session after the event because somehow it will affect my feeling and i will screw something again. Luckily i did not!!


damn stress lahhhhhhhhhhh....
when the big boss is there.She's damn fcuking scary.

you might be thinking, whats the big deal? is just a minor problem
nah, its not people! every single tiny little problem it will somehow ruin the whole event and the client will fuck us up for that.

arghhh, i hope not!