Thursday, December 4, 2008


seriously, ive regretted.
i felt so awkward sitting beside you. :/

Everything will be fine soon, Hopefully!
As well as you're happy, i am fine with it! Its your bday mah :)
Btw, i made a good move for not going to your house with the bunch because is just so not right lah..... i hope you understand!

life goes on, you seems to be enjoying your life.
thats what i always say Friends are precious and priceless, no?
you have the bunch, i have no worries!

i am not who to worry anyway, is been errrr, 3 weeks?
kinda use to it already and im stepping into a new world soon.

im starting my internship on this coming tuesday!
So ill party till i drop and fully utilize my holidays :)

till then

Well I no need to further explain about what has happened for the pass few weeks.
*you have the rough idea already, based on above!

A tough yet productive week I have. Where I get to know more about myself and determine what I needs and wants and ALSO to learn how to LOVE myself more!

no paktoh paktoh lah.

okay i can go flirt now HAHA!

e n o u g h of nonsense. -____-

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