Friday, December 5, 2008


alright i just got back from MOS.
i was there at 930pm, it was dead boring and mahai IS SO DAMN FUCKING PACKED

and the whole world is there! like those that ive never see them in ages

guess what is the first thing they said ;
wah, leng jor wo but you put on some weight right?
nie fei jor wo!!!

yeah i admit that ive put on some weight!
im fat lah as usual but fatter now. wtf!

aiyo, my gym session ended already, no one gonna pay for my gym also! :(

aiya, ill have my way to slim down, you guys watch out!
as if ill slim down like that hahahhahhahahhahahhahaha

i WILL la, hopefully! *winks

till then, pics tmr!

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