Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yuen's Steamboat!

walao, i feel like drinking tom yum soup

The biggest sotong ever, lol.

jinnnnnnnnn! you ate it. :O

then it was jin's place, while waiting edmund to come over

you look sexayy! ;D
hahhahahha!~ the winner and is his first time playing poker. wtf!

jeff, edmund

us :)

MOMO, c'mon! you poser.*laughs
see here you come again
and AGAIN. -___-
somehow you're still my cousin, HAHA!

chiwynn, moi, jin!

us again *whee~
then it was my place, because we dont wanna disturb jin to do her thang which is webcam-ing with her bf. *bleh


yeap tats all, next post is interesting!
stay tuned

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