Friday, October 3, 2008

The awesome melacca day trip!

hehhehhehhee, i love yesterday.
we went my aunt's dim sum shop for breakfast (Foc) hehe, then mahkota parade to do some shopping, then jonker street for cendol and chicken rice ball then back to grandma's house chill awhile then dinner (satay celup). THEN back to kl

So basically, its all about eating. -__-
but it was awesome. :)

The highlight of the day was, we spent almost 3 hours ish in one of my Auntie fren's Spec shop. then all of us doing our thang, trying almost all the specs in the shop. *laughs

i tried this, i super like it!
My aunty was like *damn nice damn nice, buy lah!
I was thinking mahai so expensive, it's so impossible then i can bring home so i thought of hmm take a pic, maybe later when i got money, ill be back for it! but surprisingly my mum say buy la if you really like it. hohohohoh *slap myself i ain't dreaming ok.
-___- so the Saw sisters each of us bought one but different brand la *evil laugh

momo and I

hahahah, the local s.h.e

chunny with his spec

sis with her spec

the DELICIOUS cendol ever

Grandma with her spec *hahahah

with our specs :)

aiyark, left Auntie felicia with her spec, so all together 5 *huge smile

momo wanna go mos, no mood to eat. *winks

Satay Celup, tats our dinner :)

hahaha, thats my awesome melacca day trip


i bought it?!? *slaps myself again, yes i did! :D :D :D

Yuen's steamboat next, love!

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