Sunday, October 12, 2008

i lose already!

couldn't make through to the final.
maybe im not what they're looking for..
If you ask me whether im sad anot?
YAY, im sad! -_______-
no matter how no matter what ive spent my time, ive put Alot of effort on it but whatever it is, is already over. Right!

so stay tuned for pics
lastly, thanks for all the wishes and support. *loves


Anonymous said...

aww don be sad...u are perfect in every way and u have a league of ur own..

u don have to compete with those who are competing to make a living. u have a good family and good life why worry.

now that u have made the appearance that u can get to the finals..which shows that u have a milestone in this field and u are experieced in it.


Natalie saw hy said...

THANKS ALOT! at least ive experienced kan. wait till i take off my braces ill kick some ass soooon. hehhehehe* im okay now already, dont worrrrry! <3

*hugs and kisses R

Anonymous said...

sorry late...
you lose nothing
you won experiences...