Saturday, October 11, 2008

I wonder

This whole week = nothing much really happen

OH shit, back to college on monday. wtf! time flies woi.

my holiday was usual *was boring actually
basically what i do was chueng k, yum cha, swimming, shopping and etc etc BUT no hardcore drinking session no clubbing. wtf right, i know!

my parents is being a *whatsoever you name it
ive told you guys before that they're realllly protective :(
even i went shesha at nathan's yesterday with chunny and all, my mum was there for supper and YAY she saw us. Then my mum go and tell my dad this morn, and yay my dad is doing his thang again. a freaking long nag session, and also using a very sarcastic way to make me feel bad, and go complain to all my brothers and sisters, as if I go out damn often like that.

the sarcastic way like

Dad to my Bro: Ey you didt smoke shesha?
Bro: Huh? why?
Dad: oh, yesterday ah girl go and smoke shesha wert
*and he does it in front of me, and trying to make it, like a big thing!

CMON, i wonder what are they thinking sometime
whatever lah!

i wanna practice my singing already, guys my semi final is tmr.
wish me luck :)

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