Sunday, May 18, 2008

X Live

this two pics, me likey also! (:
well, went genting yesterday night with nixon,ernest,le ann and of cause my eldest brother!without him i dont think i can go thou

he and his fren's went up for casino, and we went yoji

btw,the driver are ernest(goes up the hill), mybrother(goes down the hill), nixon(setapak onwards to my hse) using nixon's car! anyho, just wanna say thankiew for fetching! (: eventhou, i got dizzy! i memang hate going up and down the hill la. ugrh! i rather take cable car.

well yeap, it was my first rave and hmpph, it was a o0kaay

anyway i spent most of my time with ;

the dj ernest! ;)
the silly nixon! ;)

cheryl and the mental teeth nat

and of cause the darling'ss! (cheryl and yvonne)
especially cheryl hun, you rawks to the max <3

ill update more, tons of pics with Ana babe, and cheryl hun!
i forgot to charged my camera yesterday-__-
ANAAAA, remember to send me the pics, and glad to see you yesterday ey, its been so freaking long hor! hmm

oh ya, i saw alot of familiar facesssss too! seriously



BabyAna said...

hehe babe!! Will tag u once i uploaded the pics on facebook okiess!! Was nice to finally c u dat night yeaaa...Miss u babe! Hugs!

Natalie saw hy said...

okay dokie!

lup you