Monday, May 19, 2008

What i've promised you


Today its a holiday yo

but hey, i supposed to have a group meeting at college
due to my car problem and i thought is in the afternoon!
ended up i miss the group discussion
anyho, my bad! sorry girls

hmphh, lets pictures do the talking,
i need to get my ass off and start doing my assignments.

ive been editing the pics since *rolleyes

Sunshine with sister's friends @ 30/4/08

the women's


Uncle Dato Abu Hassan's Daughter wedding dinner at Hilton
@ 12/5/08


the theme was purple!

the deco and everything was marvelous!

guess how much is her gown?

* awwww

Tun Dr Mahatir ; )

and his wife ;)

Sultan Perlis and his wife ;)

Mum and Dad! <3>

The girls in the house.

hooiyin and hooichi


till next time!

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