Monday, April 21, 2008

> was out with ernest and philip at mac'd

> was out with ernest again to check out his college, after that arabic with him and romel and not forgetting the kantoi day -___-

> dont dare to step out from the room, very good girl

> h.o.m.e

> yeap today, went over to bangsar village with the family (both sis and mum)
bought some cool stuffs for college. college gonna start next week which is 28 of april
and also O.P.I nails colour. * evil laughh
not cheap ey, but whenever we shop with mua eldest sister anything also its a okay
on the other hand, mum also having a good mood!

something random;
since when i become a manicurist in the family?
eventhou my skills are damn sucky. i admitted!
and im doing free foot spa for my mum and sis!


but honestly im interested in that industry
will take some courses after my diploma or something?

going to do my nails tmr, to curi some tips ;)

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