Monday, April 21, 2008

Especially for you

the pretty lady in pink, its her BIG DAY today ;)
i know i missed the best part.
guess what?

her birthday on sat night (19/4/08) at Ritz carton
i cant go ;( you guys know why

the tiny world brought us together

we laugh

i went for her farewell party last year, but currently she's in msia.
i hope she wont leave us again!

anyho, we really need to have our girls talk real soooon, and some camwhore sessions too


looking forward to send you kisses and also the new you!

temporary one aight. heheheh

once again,

Christiana Cecilia De'Cruz

Yeap, tats her name! unique enough? ;)
love you tons! xx


BabyAna said...

Heyy babee..
Thanks alot yeaa!!
Its okay i understandd alrite..
Miss ya..

Natalie saw hy said...

wokaaaaay! love you ;)
see you soon aight! <3