Saturday, April 12, 2008

Full of disappointment and unhappiness

Warning: this post is full of pictures!
Since I am in the mood to blog
So, lets start with granny’s birthday at port Dickson @ 08 march 2008

aunty janet the one who sponsored the whole trip!
as in everything, accomodation, dinner and etc.

aunty felicia, the emcee of the day and also the event director! ;)

once everyone arrived(Guoman Hotel), all of us gathered near the beach for tea break.


and eggs ;D
so the guys decided to go for football
but opps, the ball got stuck.

so the ex charm cheerleader is doing his thang ;)
and luckily we managed to get the ball back ;)

the beach was so so, port dickson ma ;S

after all that, we have the mini tug of war using the short paip -__-
the ladies vs my eldest brother

the ladies won. *tsk tsk

and here comes the real tug of war!!

the first match was all the guys/uncles vs girls/aunties

i almost pulled my heart out. wtf.


and obviously the guys won.... -__-

so unfair, and we wanna rematch therefore all of us lined up according to the person height and then divided into two groups.
*shakeshead* why my face always like dat one. wtf!
group A
Group B

group B won~
then then rematch again.. lol. kiasu la
no matter how, they won again!
my group never win. ahaks!

the restaurant that we have booked!
the Q and A master doing his thang!

all of them divided into three colours (green, red and blue) which mean three groups.
tooooo many pics lah! lets pictures to the talking k ;)

i hardly remember how they sing the song, i only remembered the last part was

ba nanananananana

meaning nana = granny!

drinking water game! ;)

Proudly present the Saw family! wtfwtf..

us represent all of the sisters in choo's family!

Questions and Answer session!
for instance, how granny know grandpa..

*shakes head

*evil laugh..

*gan jiong moment!
whoaarr, mummy doesnt agree with the answer!

*wah damn hard weyyy.

*seems like everyone doesn't agree with the answer

the winner was hmphh my mum! rosalind choo.
yeah rosalind! *evil laugh

if you read my blog, ive already mentioned each family have to perform.
so yeah i can see all of us really put effort on making granny laugh and we really had a best gathering ever ;)

i know that i have a real huge family, dont jealous ya'll ;p
the winner of all performance is ta daaaaa...

SAW family ;)

the next morning~

after the exercise session was breakfast then free and easy ;)

we checked out at 12 then had lunch at port dickson city.

and yeap tats all for granny bday!
mission completed, one down left lang tengah pics ;)

oh yea, after granny bday the next day was my final.
talking about finals, oh shit result coming out on 21st.

*shoot me!

ahh, chillax girl

hmphh, i think tats all for today.
needa visit dentist tmr morning ;D

i know sooner or later ill get someone who appreciate me more.


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

waa... u really have a really big family leh...

Natalie saw hy said...

yeap yeap yeap! but tats only my mother side leh ;)