Monday, April 14, 2008


i just came back from work, it’s a 10 to 10 job at concorde shah alam.
replacing kiwi actually ;)
Basically it’s a seminar called money mastery its all about dedicated to financial independence through education and mentorship (see the name also boring but actually its fun with the music on and etc). On the other hands, with lots of booths there promoting their own stuffs and... so I am one of em selling (this). So as you can see it’s all about money, definitely all the business man and woman will come for the seminar so yeah. but to be honest, its a three days seminar including accomodations, all meals its RM 4k plus


Well, there’s this man came over to my booth,the conversation below is just one part of it

Annony(old men) : so what are you selling.( the product its all on the table)
me : well actually all the product its to prevent cancer, anti aging, detox and also slimming purpose.

Annony: oh I seeee. So you graduated in what course?
(so I think he’s trying to be friendly )

Me: Well basically im still studying. ( wanna continue but…. )
Annony: you’re still studying?!? oh tats great, so you’re in your masters now?
Me: *gulp er, nope…..
Annony: No? So you graduated in what course?
(im like OMG, can you just let me finish what I was about to say)
Me: No, im still studying in diploma conventions and events management in Sunway College!
Annony: HUH?
Me: YA!
Annony: How old are you now?
Me: im 19 this year………
Annony: Are you serious? I don’t believe.
wtfwtf SO OLD MEH ME????

*yau mou oh.

Btw he went on and on and on and on, tells me about his education life and god knows what!
NVM la, i got my pay today as well, its really a easy job i should say because i can just sit there like nobody business cause my boss is in the seminar as well. but hey i did tried my best to sell ;) Meanwhile, i gain alot of experience and also managed to get contacts for future use (you know event industry) and not forgetting meeting new friends as well

issit that great? ;D

ahhhhh, *yawns!

sleep tight ya'll, will blog sooon!


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