Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lang Tengah - Part 1

ME just came back from pangkor @ hometown for ching meng
urrghh the whether is just one word HOT!
anyho, its a must to go. respect yo ;)

weell, im tired.
ey, seriously i couldn't sleep well these days.

yesterday worst, we departed from kl to setiawan(well, its before pangkor) around 10 and reach there at 1 a.m stayed over at our house then woke up at 6 in the morning for ching meng

but im still here to update a lil, just dont wanna disappoint you readers!
i know i draaaaaaaaaaag and delayed all my post.
till now i haven resize my granny's bday pic ok ;(

i promise i willl

last but not least, tmr im gonna do something extraordinary for me la.

hmph,ill tell you guys later!

there you go, Lang Tengah part -1


prabha and chef( one of the lecturer)

Faiz, moi and fara! ;)

the indon gang
(from left willy, teddy,ricky, jimmy, ernest, bryan)

the girls!

the BOO!

the poseur ;D

awww, Who wants cotton candy?? ;p

(All the pictures are taken by the canon G9 camera)

smileeeeee ;)


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