Sunday, March 30, 2008



its not about the competition is about him!
F#@* man, why i got such a bf one!

okay forgot to mentioned, i went for Astro talent quest audition today at Park Royal-KL,
welll, just wanna try it out. hmph, i failed!
anyway, i admitted that i didt put my best effort for it because i started praticing only on friday -.-
but think twice why not i finish my diploma first then xcore for music/singing?!?
oh yay, went redbox on fri with cheryl and her classmates!

yeah i sing, not English but Chinese,Cantonese and Malay!
well, i really love singing la. no doubt!
the parents said concentrate on your studies first ey.

truee also. true alsso

aahh, now you know i love to sing;)
redbox?neway? phone me up anytime you want! LOL

EY, if one day i become a singer how? *smack myself

stop dreaming la whoiii.

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