Wednesday, April 21, 2010


yay, Ive noticed everyone here very often use the word BRILLIANT.

Somehow I find it so bloody fake and sarcasm to the max!! but nah, you just gotta blend with it... Anyway, I respect myself so much that Ive just finished another Taiwan series in two days. 28 episodes wei, and I finished three series in less than two weeks :O ohh 下一站,幸福 its orgasmic, you better watch it!!!!

haha that's the life without a tee vee :( and Im about to start my another korean drama called IRIS. Don't fret assignments is on going tooo, im serious.

HAHA picture of the week, pork chop by Natsaw HAHA
Ei I baked those patatoes, I marinated the pork too, haha and it taste damn good too. But it could be better, I mean the sauce. So next time I won't be cooking maggie mee at home when im hungry or when my maid doesn't want to cook for me. *evil* OR Main point when my boyfie is hungry! I can cook now you loser :p

HAHAHHAHA im so proud of myself, HAHAHAHA

My life doing great but Im depressed sometimes and its out of no where!!!!! so annoying. *Madness man* I think most probably I am missing home too much and of cause that person too *peck on that chubby face* I miss you lahh :'((((((((

gotta go sleeeeep, my mind is just full of you and it doesn't allow me to sleeeeeep when I really needed it BECAUSE I have 9am class TOMMOROW


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