Monday, April 26, 2010

Pointing at you and Laugh out loud!

B- for the first part of Live Events Project. Pray harder for the actual event on the 19th of May :)

oh BTW, Bitch mode : ON

Opps.. I accidentally viewed your blog and one unique visit from United Kingdom :D haha haha
Anyway, I thought you both are so lovey dovey and celebrated your month anniversary recently. But why is your "loved one" or "boyfie" or whatever called my bestie and told her about how AWFUL you are ah!?!! I really don't understand woi, not once not twice but countless, this is so funneeehh. :O

p.s//: I am feeeling so sad for you srsly, from the bottom of my heart.
puhhh leasse take good care of you boyfie Bitch, keep your eyes on him. or perhaps you don't want to know or pretend that you don't know. BUT you just gotta KNOW, do you know?!!! *sigh*

I still cant stop laughing HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

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