Friday, April 16, 2010

12 Days

"the first time ever I travel without asking permissions from ze parents"
"the first time ever with NO curfew"
"the first ever time where All the decisions is made by myself "

the feeling is SUPERB, where you have 210 percent trust from ze parents, letting you all out and start a brand new freedom life. Hence calculating the money I've spent all the time, meeting new peoples, and I realized this is what we call LIFE, once in the life time i mean! (:

Somehow ill just miss those days when the clock strike twelve, *Dad or Mum* is calling... HAHA

Anyway, I went Newcastle for 12 Days on Easter Break, one word awesome lahhh!!
and tell me about it, class commence on Monday, OMG three weeks flew just like that! :'(

Btw, its time for some serious shit, Ace's all the subjects and patiently wait till June *whee*

Edward Cullen, I think I... fallen for him LOL

All freaking awesome peoples, no regrets meeting all of you *loves*

May, Chien Loong and moi :)

Angel of the north

Millennium bridge

Tub tub with all of em, fyi tub tub is a club.

meet our new friend wei wei from China


Till then with lots and lots and lots of loves to my readers. x

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