Sunday, April 26, 2009

Penang part 2

Good Afternoon peeps!

how the weekends treating you guys huh? :)
My last night was fun, but its quite tiring la the cleaning part eeks.

1st- chunnymomo and me
(behind the pic his mum and my mum)
2nd- su yiean, moi, chiwynn, jeffoo

overall tiring

Next lets continue with the penang part 2 :)
i have a bunch of crazy friends

the toilet is awesomee!

we even camwhore in the bathtub

after checking in, we went off to the beach

the guys went jet sking, me and cindy stayed back.

:) :) :)

After that, went back to the hotel and guess what the swimming pool is damn fucking awesome.Especially the view, as you can see

btw is Northman All Suites hotel


Night was beer beer beer and Beeer!!

Now can i have a bottle of heineken puh lease?!?!
the whether is so damn fucking hawt!
or perhaps

A bottle of corona instead? :)

off to gym, till next time.

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