Monday, April 27, 2009

That's my perfecto breakfast today, and guess what i went to the gym twice today.
feeling all good and im not psycho ok, is just i feel like running the treadmill for 45 mins (:

I'm free mar **

So far my holidays are great, everyday i kept myself occupied.
and not forgetting the responsibility to fetch my sis to college everyday now
but is also good, wake up early and force myself to hit the gym cause is just nearby!
The hardcore mode is on for long i hope.

College resumes next week. damnit! the submission for the report is getting nearer

i still dont get the evaluation from my boss la, wait till i get em back, then ill start writing!
ok is random.

anyhow, gonna wake up early tmr again!!! gym in the morning again!!!!!!!
and im gonna go cut my hair and you guys stay tuned.

i bet is going to be the same lol. cause ill cry if i chop my hair off!!! :S

superduper long fringe! :/

gonna do some catchup tmr with the bunch at night :)

till then Y

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