Saturday, April 25, 2009

Penang Part 1

*just got back from gym with jin, my hair so smooth now*

ah wait now damn busyyy doing preparation!!
Bbq party at my place in awhile, just to celebrate the new plasma and WII!
funny right, i know! ask my eldest sis, haha but its going to be fun.

yeap its fun but later the cleaning part aiyo no mood already >.<
nvvvvvvmmmmm enjoy first :S

ok lets start with penang part 1.

Cindy and I (:

banana and nixon
So first stop = the snake temple!

i tell you this monkey damn guai lan. hhahahhaha

I personally hate snake, seriously is damn eww. The effing skin >.<
but ive got the chance to actually watched the snake swallow the guinea pig

*scroll down*


*faster scroll down*

ahh, so much better!!

part two coming next..

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