Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Out of no where, i just feel like dying my hair black! :)
soon i guesss

Anyway, im done for my fi-naaal. Lets proceed to Sem 4.
but wait i still have my practical exam to be done
Then im ready for Pulau Lang Tengah, and my one month holiday.
ive got jobs on hand now, cause im not gonna do nothing during my holiday ey.

and now The GYM hardcore is back!
im gonna get my Personal Trainer to at least work something out before 22nd of march
im silly i know, but abit better than Zeroo!?!


Sneaky peak on my granny's 81st b'day @ port dickson

This is really the best gathering / trip ever!
thanks to aunty Janet who sponsored the whole trip

Im really happy that We cousins really close to each other!
ive heard those who dont really bother and talk to their cousins.
this is only part of em, we have 55 siblings all together @.-

The saw family and bro's gf
the dearest cousin brother, Lawrence!
we have to wake up dang early for this

more pics coming up, tons of em!

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